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Cut flowers

Say it with flowers, and you'll always come out with the right words. In our garden centre in Jersey you'll find cut flowers for every occasion, as a thoughtful gift, a way to express your feelings or simply as a treat for yourself.

A spring bouquet: sweet peas, narcissi and tulips are bursting with fresh spring charm at a time when there's still frost on the ground outside. An artless bunch of exquisitely beautiful spring flowers in a jamjar is all you need to flood your home with the optimism of a new year.

Just to say 'I love you': Valentine's Day in February just wouldn't be the same without flowers. A dozen red roses is the traditional way: but how about lilies, meaning 'pure love', or orchids to convey beauty?

For a special occasion: choose cut flowers from the range in our garden centre as a spectacular finishing touch for weddings and anniversary celebrations.

As a winter pick-me-up: we have cut flowers available year-round in our garden centre, so when it's cold and dark outside treat yourself to a fragrant selection of colour and beauty to lift your spirits.

Please ask the staff in our Jersey garden centre for more information and advice about buying cut flowers.


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