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“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well”

Virginia Woolf

The Ransoms Tearooms and Restaurant was born from the skills and imagination of Sarah and her mother,
Janet Ransom. Janet is a trained nutritionist and Sarah, a patisserie chef who also has experience as a silver service waitress.
When they decided to pool their ideas to create great food, Janet wanted a tearoom and Sarah a restaurant.
So rather than dismiss either idea, they created the unique combination that has become so very popular over the years.

Although they had different styles, they did agree on many things; only using fresh ingredients, all cakes to be
made on site, only using fresh milk and butter as well as offering waiter/ waitress service only. Although Janet is
now retired, the Restaurant and Tearooms is still run with that very successful formula created by herself and Sarah.

The restaurant is a place where you can have breakfast, brunch, lunch and tea in one unifying,
buzzing and friendly atmosphere. You may choose a simple sandwich with a cup of coffee, or you
may prefer a full three course meal with wine, there is no wrong choice...unless you miss dessert!

The cakes and pastries provide a catwalk of gastronomic delight and desire for everyone from the
young to the less young. You can choose from the famous Banoffee Pie, the delicious Cheesecakes
and the mouth-watering range of Gâteaux. A trip to the restaurant at Ransoms usually starts as a
light lunch, but more often than not, it ends in a delicious tea with cake and pastries!


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