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Garden Centre Jersey

Ransoms is a thriving garden centre in Jersey. We sell a wide range of gardening supplies and products for the garden, including premium quality hand tools, garden lighting, soil and fertilisers, protection from garden pests, vegetables, ponds, watering, paving, hard landscaping, clothing, and more. Whether you need some help in planting some of the new blooms that your neighbour told you about or if you want to remodel your garden, we have all the supplies and information you need. Our experts will be glad to help you on your gardening adventures!

What our garden centre in Jersey offersLooking for a garden centre in Jersey? Visit Ransoms garden centre in Jersey!

Ransoms garden centre offers customers services in the following categories:

  • Ponds: A small pond can add depth (literally and figuratively!) and dimension to your garden.
  • Clothing: Being a gardener doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style!
  • Containers: Get attractive containers where your equally attractive plants will thrive in!
  • Soil and Fertilisers: Composts, fertilisers and soil improvers—vital for your plants to thrive!
  • Bulbs: Buy bulbs for every season to have a colourful display all year round.
  • Hand Tools: Hand tools are the essentials that no gardener should be without.
  • Power Tools: Maintenance of your garden tiring you out? Get power tools to do the job.
  • Watering: Make sure your garden and your plants are never thirsty again!
  • Fruit: There’s nothing more rewarding than eating home-grown fruits.
  • Garden Furniture: Comfortable, low maintenance and stunning furnishings for your garden.
  • Trees and Shrubs: Trees and shrubs are a must have for every garden. Find which is best for you!
  • Paving: Have a versatile, plain-designed tiling or mix and match with colourful stones.
  • Protection: Your gardens are susceptible to harsh environmental conditions. Protect them!
  • Outdoor Kitchen: Eating out amidst nature is an experience in itself.
  • Garden Pests: Eliminate pesky pests that pose a threat to your garden with safe solutions.
  • Garden Lighting: Create a beautiful scene at night with smart garden lighting.
  • Hard Landscaping: Fence up your garden or install structures to enhance the beauty.
  • Herbs: Cosmetic, culinary or medicinal, herbs an aesthetic and practical addition to your garden.

Why choose Ransoms garden centre in Jersey?

When we first began, Ransoms garden centre was a beautiful plant shop in Jersey. Over the years, it has become more than just that. While we certainly offer garden trees and plants, we also have a clothes shop, a pet shop, a barbeques and gifts shop and a Christmas shop. After you are done shopping, have a relaxing lunch at the Ransoms restaurant.  

Our garden centre in Jersey offers equipment and information on the best ways to create and maintain a garden. We offer guidance for both aspiring gardeners and those with several years’ worth of gardening experience. Call us today at 01534 856699 or visit the garden centre!