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Houseplants Jersey

LLooking for houseplants in Jersey? Visit Ransoms Garden Centre in Jersey for a great range of houseplants! ooking for great houseplants in Jersey? Well, you came to the right place! Here at Ransoms Garden Centre, we know that every homeowner has their personal style that they bring to their home, and thus, each homeowner would require different styles of indoor plants to create personalised ambience.

Bring nature inside with houseplants in Jersey 

Bring nature indoors with beautiful houseplants that help regulate humidity levels in the surroundings. The blooming flowers and lush greenery would not only add to the beauty of your interior décor but would also improve the quality of your life. Research shows that placing just two to three indoor plants in an average room, from Ransoms’ collection of houseplants in Jersey can improve the air quality, reduce stress, and pump fresh oxygen back into the air.

Ransoms Garden Centre’s range of houseplants in Jersey

Houseplants in Jersey come in all shapes and sizes and are loved for various reasons. We can offer you striking ferns and cacti if you’re a die-hard minimalist or beautiful African violets and sweet-scented stephanotis if you’re more of a shabby chic style. Our collection of indoor plants includes low maintenance plants, show-stealers, and more. No matter what your needs, you can find some plants that best reflect your style.

Tips and Tricks for taking care of your houseplants

The right houseplant in Jersey matched with the right container can really make a statement.

  • Pick a beautiful container from our store and flaunt the full beauty of your exotic orchids or waxy anthurium;
  • Maintain humidity by misting your houseplants regularly;
  • Our garden store has some great hand misters, as well as liquid feed to ensure they stay at their best throughout the season;
  • Indoor plants thrive in bright spots around the house where there is no direct sunlight, so choose a nice spot on or near a south-facing windowsill. 

Important: Houseplants in Jersey don’t do well in extreme heat. To protect them from shrivelling, keep them away from radiators or fire.

Ransoms has been serving the residents of Jersey for decades, and we fully understand the concerns of homeowners when they come shopping for houseplants. Our staff is trained to cater to their needs and offers them complete guidance and help so that they can leave with a plant that they are excited to show off in their home. For details about our available range of houseplants in Jersey, please contact our staff at the Ransoms Garden Centre. We’ll be happy to help. Come visit the Ransoms Garden Centre. Tip: we also have a pet shop in the garden centre with all the supplies your furry friend might need.