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Pet shop Jersey

Ransoms pet shop in Jersey is a place where animal lovers can find some of the most amazing supplies for their little (or not so little) friends. We are a one-stop-shop for all your pet supplies. We host a wide range of bedding, food, toys and health products for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and more.

Pet supplies at Ransoms pet shop in Jersey Looking for a pet shop in Jersey? Visit Ransoms pet store with a wide range of pet supplies such as bedding, food, health products and pet entertainment!

Whether you are a cat person or a dog person, a rabbit person or a bird person, we know that your pet is like a family member and you want nothing short of the best for them. This is why our pet store in Jersey offers you everything you will need to ensure that your pet is both healthy and happy.

Everything for your pet

Following are the categories of pet supplies that we offer at our store:

  • Bedding: Make sure your pet sleeps cosy at night by providing them with their preferred bedding. We have soft and comfy padded beds for cats and dogs and hay and sawdust for mice, rabbits and guinea pigs. Choose from a wide range of bedding supplies!
  • Pet Food: Treat your beloved animal with their favourite treats! We have separate sections for different animals and further options in the categories. You’re sure to discover a diet that your pet would love, whether they are old and fussy eaters or young and active ones.
  • Health products: Ransoms pet shop in Jersey hosts a wide range of vitamin supplements for their health as well as regular treatment products for everything from worms to mites. We have everything you need to keep your pet in the best of health.
  • Pet entertainment: Your pets need toys to stay active and healthy. We have an amazing range of toys for your dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and rabbits that they can thrive on!  

Why choose Ransoms pet store in Jersey?

Our pet shop in Jersey has a huge inventory that covers about everything that you might need for your pet. In addition, our friendly staff is always ready to guide you in the right direction if you’re at a loss about a product range or are trying something new for your pet and need expert advice. We add new items regularly, so visit the shop, browse through the pet supplies and choose what your pet would love most!

“Lot's of people talk to animals... not very many listen though... that's the problem”— Benjamin Hoff (The Tao of Pooh)