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Plants Jersey

Looking for plants in Jersey that can stand the test of time, and the weather of Channel Islands and of specific garden types, you can find them here at Ransoms Garden Centre. We can also lend you the wisdom accumulated from 50 years of offering quality garden supplies to the residents of Jersey and with three generations trained at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. When it comes to plants in Jersey, there is nothing that we can’t help you with.   

Ransoms Garden Centre - our plants in Jersey Looking for plants in Jersey? Visit Ransoms Garden Centre in Jersey for a great range of plants!

At our garden centre, we have a huge collection of plants in Jersey that are perfect for your garden.

  • Annuals: These are a season’s show-stoppers. Blooming in a spectacular display of colours once a year for a specific season, these are the plants worth waiting for.
  • Climbers: When you’ve covered the ground, it’s time to climb the walls. We have a great selection of climbers that you can plant to adorn your exterior walls.
  • Container plants: These are the plants with benefits—you get to choose whichever style you want with none of the long-term commitment of growing them in your garden. When you want to change styles, you can do it straight away!
  • Cut flowers: We offer cut flowers for thoughtful bouquets and expressing your love.
  • Houseplants: Bring your garden inside with houseplants that lift the spirits with their presence.
  • Perennials: We stock perennials according to the season. These gorgeous plants let you enjoy the best of the summers and springs with a stunning splash of colours.
  • Roses: A rose in full bloom is heartbreakingly beautiful. There’s a reason it is the king of flowers. Fill your garden with your choice of roses: climbers and ramblers, shrubs, patio and ground cover roses.
  • Seeds: Gardening enthusiasts can confirm that planting seeds and watching them grow is one of the happiest and the most satisfying events that one can experience. Grow vegetables or flowers; we have a great collection of seeds for both!
  • Vegetables: What could be more satisfying than eating a meal of home-grown vegetables? From potatoes and carrots to asparagus and garlic, we have an impressive range that you may want to harvest.

Choosing plants in Jersey

When gardening or choosing indoor plants for your home, you need to choose plants in Jersey carefully so that they can thrive in the Channel Islands weather conditions. We understand the nuances of the weather here and fully understand which plants would be the best fit for your garden. We absolutely love our plants in Jersey and want you to love them as much as we do! Just talk to our experts and we can help you make the right choice. Our staff has more details on the in-stock plants in Jersey at the Ransoms Garden Centre.