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Price List Vegetables, Herbs & Fruit

In Stock As at Monday 13th May 2020
Vegetable Plants
Artichoke Globe 3L Pot @ £10.50
Vegetables In 1 Litre Pots @£3 In 1 Litre Pots
Chicory Red Treviso - Leafy Salads
Lettuce Cerbiatta - Leafy Salads
Pak Choi Canton White - Leafy Salads
Pak Choi Red - Leafy Salads
Salad Rocket - Leafy Salads
Wild Rocket - Leafy Salads
Vegetables In 9cm Pots @£2.50
Pea Early Onward
Pea Shiraz
Pea Sugar Snap
Spinach Galaxy
Squash Jill Be Little
Veg In Packs Of 6 Or 9 @£4 Per Pack Or 3 Packs For £10
Cabbage Pointed 9 Pack
Cabbage Red 9 Pack
Cabbage Round (Storka) 9 Pack
Carrot Chantenay Red Cored 9 Pack
Carrot Rainbow 9 Pack
Cauliflower All Year Round 9 Pack
Lettuce Iceberg 9 Pack
Onion Ailsa Craig 9 Pack
Onion Spring Red 9 Pack
Onion Spring White 9 Pack
Parsley Moss Curled 9 Pack
Radish Rainbow 9pack
Spinach Tetona F1 9 Pack
Sweetcorn Supersweet 9 Pack
Swiss Chard Bright Lights 9 Pack
Herb Plants
1L Pot Herbs @£4.00 or 3 Pots for £10 – Mix and Match
Burnet (salad)
Chives Garlic
Curry Plant
Fennel Bronze
Lemon Balm
Lemon Balm Variegated
Marjoram Compact
Mint Apple
Garden Mint ( Spearmint)
Parsely French
Parsley Giant Italian Flat Leaf
Rocket Wild
Sage Broad Leafed
Sage Common
Sage Purple
Thyme Lemon
Thyme Silver Posie
Thyme Silver Queen
9cm Pot Herbs @£2.50 Or 5 Pots for £10 - Mix and Match
Chamomile Lawn Treneague
Chamomile Nobile (Tea)
Chives Garlic
Curry Plant Dwarf
Lavender Grosso
Lavender Richard Grey
Lemon Verbena
Marjoram Compact
Marjoram Pot
Marjoram Gold Tipped
Mint Apple
Mint Chocolate
Garden Mint (Spearmint)
Mint Swiss
Parsley Curled
Rocket Wild
Sage Broad Leaved
Sage Common
Sage Purple
Bloody Sorrel Red Stripe
Stevia Sweetly
Tarragon (French)
Thyme Common
Thyme Lemon
Thyme Lemon Variegated
Thyme Silver Queen
Welsh Onion
9cm Pot Nasturtium @ £2.50
Nasturtium Empress of India
Nasturtium Glanleam Hybrids