Outdoor Living & Pet Department Manager

We have an exciting opportunity for the right person to lead our Outdoor Living and Pet Department Team working with the area supervisors and Team members to increase sales, deliver outstanding customer service and to ensure the department is fully stocked and wonderfully presented.

This is a full time permanent position based on a 40 hour week over 5 days. Applicants will have previous retail experience and will have previously held a management or Supervisory position. They will be friendly, outgoing and enjoy working with the public as well as being able to motivate and train their team to achieve their full potential. Excellent spoken & written English are essential. 

As well as being based in a great out of town location with ample free parking we also offer staff discount on our full range of products, a uniform and free enrolment into our healthcare scheme. E-mail your CV with covering letter to recruitment@ransoms.je  Quoting OL MANAGER in the subject line.


TITLE:                          Outdoor Living & Pet Department Manager

Department:              Outdoor Living & Pet Department

Reporting To:             Retail Manager


Job Purpose:

  • Manage and guide Supervisors and sales staff to achieve the Sales Budget.


  • To oversee the Department Supervisors ensuring  they are effectively managing the work load of their teams and supporting them with day to day staff scheduling and staff management.


  • Train, coach and lead by example in interacting with and selling to customers.


  • Ensure all Customer Enquiries are followed up on to maximise positive outcomes.


  • Work with the Buyers and colleagues to improve the product range and to identify and eliminate slow selling lines.


  • Utilize the best sales techniques in stock positions and presentation, signage and labelling to increase sales.


  • Work with the Buyers and Colleagues on making swift transitions between seasonal ranges, establishing linked sales across departments and reacting to changes in weather to maximise sales and minimise disruption to sales while areas are in transition.


  • Work with Marketing on promotions throughout the centre to achieve increased customer spend, repeat visits and Customer Loyalty.


  • Ensure all areas are maximising their sales potential by being fully stocked.


  • Reduce stock waste by promoting product care and by identifying slow selling items and working with the buyers to sell through these items. To monitor, reduce and sign off any wastage or own use stock write offs.


  • To ensure supervisors are carrying out the agreed stock taking program and to investigate reasons for stock discrepancies.

The guidance, management and motivation of your team is key to achieving the above as is your own ability to organise and manage your own workload and time.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Customer Service & Sales:

  • To guide and work with the Department Supervisors to ensure each area is achieving its Sales Budget utilising budget and Epos system reporting to focus on the right areas.
  • To ensure all members of the Department are fully trained in Ransoms Style customer service, appropriate sales techniques, use of both the XPOS Stock system and Zendesk issue logging system as well as on-going product training. Achieving this by training, coaching and leading by example.
  • To ensure that all areas of the Department are recording and following up on customer contacts and that these are resolved in the shortest possible time.
  • Responding to customer complaints, comments and requests.
  • Listen to feedback from Customers and Staff on our product range and pass this on to the Buying Team to ensure the Department has the right stock at the right time.
  • To work closely with the Retail Manager & Buyers on planning future ranges and identifying items in need of replenishment/range expansion and slow moving lines in need of clearance activity.
  • Work with the Department Supervisor and Visual Merchandiser to create the most shopable department layout utilizing hot spots and prime selling locations to maximise sales and to achieve stock clearance.
  • To ensure all product is correctly price labelled and that appropriate signage highlighting promotions and new products is in place.
  • To ensure the Department is always accessible, shopable and well stocked even during periods of transition from one season to another so as not to unnecessarily reduce sales.
  • Working closely with Marketing and the Buyers to create an annual plan of key products and product groups and when these should be promoted reacting to changes in the weather and other promotions going on in the island and in the media.

Stock Management

  • Ensure the flow of stock from the warehouse to retail area (and back when required) is managed effectively. Managing how and when replenishment is carried out to reduce travel time and staff absence from the retail area.
  • To ensure all stock is neatly displayed, bringing stock to the front of the display area as required.
  • To ensure the Department is always fully stocked.
  • Ensure the Department is prepared for seasonal changes and that these are carried out with the minimum disruption to the business.
  • To ensure the Department is kept swept, tidy, weeded and free of rubbish and obstacles at all times.
  • Working closely with the Department Supervisor to create the annual stock take plan to ensure every product area in the Department is counted at least once per year.
  • Ensure the Supervisor keeps to the Stock Count Schedule, prepares for the count properly and that the count is carried out correctly; reviewing count variances and recommending the count be signed off by the Retail Manager.
  • To ensure all stock control and stock management procedures are enforced throughout the Department.
  • Ensure agreed stock write off procedures for wastage, own use and product splitting/kitting are followed and the authorisation levels are adhered too.
  • Ensure physical stock held in the retail areas or warehouse is stored in a well ordered and safe manner with any necessary action being taken to maintain it in its optimum appearance with the aim of reducing damage and facilitating easy stock counting.
  • To ensure all livestock, whether this be plants, fish or animals , be kept in the best possible health ensuring their needs are met and any disease or life limiting conditions are dealt with immediately and reported to the Retail Manager or a Director.

Staff Management

  • To manage the Department Supervisors to ensure that each area is delivering on is sales and stock reduction budgets.
  • To motivate and drive the Supervisors and Sales Assistants to perform to the highest standards and to ensure they carry out all tasks assigned to them.
  • To lead the team in working in the most efficient way possible.
  • In conjunction with the Retail Manager control the Department’s rota and to sign off the weekly time sheets.
  • Inform the other Department Managers and Management Team of any staff absences on a daily basis.
  • To manage the departments holiday planning, approving holidays while ensuring adequate cover highlighting impacts on other areas. Ensure all staff book their full holiday entitlement sufficiently early to allow the Department to maintain adequate staffing levels.
  • In conjunction with the Retail Manager deal with staff issues such as interviewing potential staff, conducting appraisals and performance reviews, as well as providing or organising training and development.
  • Ensuring every new employee has a training plan in place and that this is followed to reach a successful outcome.
  • To maintain an effective workforce by coaching, counselling, monitoring and disciplining employees.
  • To maximise the productivity of staff within the Department.
  • On a daily basis walk the Department and other areas communicating with staff to allow for employee feedback and the building of team spirit.
  • Ensure Department Supervisors have defined work plans that tie in with the needs and priorities of the business.
  • Ensure Department Supervisors follow agreed Company HR policies and that they follow a consistent set of staff motivation methods.
  • Ensure the Department Supervisors understand their roles and responsibilities and have sufficient training to be successful in achieving their targets.
  • Establish a culture that allows for open communication, celebrates achievements and engenders team spirit.
  • Identify staff training and support needs and  plan how to meet these.
  • Understand that different approaches and leadership styles are required to manage different people and develop a range of leadership styles and apply them to appropriate situations and people.

General Department Management:

  • Walking the sales floor regularly, talking to colleagues and customers and identifying or resolving urgent issues.
  • Assisting Department Supervisors to organise their teams, setting weekly and daily objectives, managing staff productivity and other demands of their department.
  • To manage and motivate the team to increase sales, deliver a high standard of customer service and to work efficiently.
  • To ensure the security of the premises and inventories by implementing agreed security and lockup procedures.
  • To ensure all the Team is aware of, and adhere to all Health & Safety Regulations.
  • To execute the agreed Company Marketing and PR plans.
  • To fully understand and be able to operate the EPOS system, tills and other software key to the successful running of the business.
  • To create proposals and plans for improving the success of the Department and share these with the Retail Manager.
  • Identify your own training and support needs and plan how to meet these, presenting them to the Retail Manager.
  • Be willing to take on-board feedback, constructive criticism and suggestions for the improvement of the Department and implement those that would deliver a positive outcome.

Other Tasks

  • To work with the other Department Manager and Management Team to ensure the success of the business.
  • To be prepared to lead by example and to cover their subordinates roles during their absence.
  • To carry out any other tasks within the employees abilities requested by the Retail Manager or Directors.

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