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Wild Bird Feed Jersey

Looking for wild bird feed in Jersey? Once you have a garden in Jersey, feeding wild birds is likely to be your next step. Bringing wildlife to your precious blooming yard completes the picture of nature in your home. You can spend an entire afternoon watching the birds flitting around in your garden and using it as their personal rental. Yes, they may bring you some nuisances like stealing your berries, but they’ll also get rid of your garden pests and make your garden livelier than ever before with their presence.

How to start with feeding the wild birds in Jersey? Looking for bird

Some of the best tips to make your feathery friends feel more welcome include:

  • Installing a bird feeder: A bird feeder lets you offer your choice of wild bird feed in Jersey in a platter.
  • Installing a water feature: A small basin or a pond works really well as birds prefer a place with a convenient water source.  
  • Plant berries: This is the simplest way to attract wild birds. At Ransoms, we have a great range of red and orange berries that birds love the most.

Choosing Wild Bird Feed in Jersey

Birds need variety in food, too! Especially when it’s vital to their health. It is essential that you provide the right food to your small guests. The spring and summer seasons are the times when birds enjoy nutritious food, but also like indulging in fun combinations. Seed, nectar, mealworms, fruit and jelly are great options for these seasons. In contrast, winters and autumns are the seasons when birds need to stock up on fat for the cooler days. Seeds with high-fat content, suet, nectar and millet are good choices. One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is to buy birdseed in order to attract new birds, ignoring the species that already visit their garden. It is best to figure out what your frequent visitors like best, choose bird feed for them, and then move on to attracting other species.  

Ask for help to choose the right wild bird feed

If you don’t know which bird feed is right for which bird, our experts can point you in the right direction. You can also start with mixed seeds if you’re pursuing a trial-and-error method to figure out which seeds vanish fastest. The garden centre Jersey has a wide collection of bird feed—both individual seeds and mixed—that you may like to buy.

Visit our store in Jersey if you’re looking to buy bird feed. Our friendly staff can help you out.